A Reason for Being: Why I Created GTS

This blog entry marks the launch of the new GTS site. It is a proud moment for me, as I have been working on this project for a little under a year now. What I want you to know about this site is that it is not just a sales site. I am making this site a resource for you whether or not you choose to buy my program or any of the other great products I offer you here. There are already too many internet “gurus” out there trying to squeeze out your contact information so that they can offer you their so called “secrets.”

My pledge to you is that, when you come to the GTS site, you will never feel like you are being trapped into a sales pitch. I do this because when I was a teenager, I began working out at a gym where champion lifters and bodybuilders taught me everything they could about strength, muscle building, and weight loss simply because they saw a kid who wanted to learn. The principles they taught me not only helped me find success in bodybuilding and powerlifting, they gave me the confidence I needed to graduate near the top of my class in college, obtain three advanced degrees, and serve honorably in the Marine Corps.

I became a trainer and opened my own gym because I wanted to give something back by teaching others how to reach their goals. Yet, like those old school gym rats who taught me how to handle myself in a weight room, I also believe in hard work. I wrote Getting to Shredded because I wanted to teach people to teach themselves about fat loss and muscle building. Those who follow this book, and instill its principles into their daily lives, will find their existence changed for the better. They will also be able to interact with me through this site by offering questions and contacting me about their successes and difficulties with the program.

In addition to this, there will be weekly articles outlining helpful tips and guidelines for following this program. There will also be a review of different fitness products, including other books. I promise you that I will give full consideration to these products and offer you my honest opinion, even if it hurts my own business.

Finally, I want you to feel free to contact me at any time at gettingtoshredded@gmail.com. I am eager to hear about what topics you would like me to cover relating to fat loss, muscle building, and strength training.

Most of all, I hope that this blog entry starts a long and lasting conversation between those frequenting this site and myself. If I have even a small part in getting you to where you want to go, then this site will have accomplished its purpose.

Train hard and eat well!

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