Getting to Shredded Training Journal: Some back exercises to help you get that mind-muscle connection

The back is one of the most challenging body parts to train because you can’t see it.  Consequently, its more important with this body part than any other to really develop a neurological connection with these muscles.  Too many people just throw weights around the gym.  The back requires finesse.  These are some videos from my client, NPC Women’s Physique Competitor, Lindsey Kampouris’s training session today.  I demonstrate how to put these and other exercises together into a complete fat burning/muscle building program in my ebook, Getting to Shredded.

The first exercise is what I call “strip the rack” partial deadlifts.  Lindsey is placed in a power rack with the barbell on pins placed just below her knees.  As she performs the partial deadlift, she puts pressure against the rack, scraping the bar up the rack until she reaches full extension.  Then she puts even more pressure against the rack by squeezing her elbows back as she squeezes her glutes forward.  This exercise is great for developing both the upper back and lats.

The second exercise is the straight arm dumbbell row, done off of a 45 degree incline.  Notice how Lindsey squeezes at the top and how her muscle fibers are activated from this exercise.  This will hit your lower lats below your shoulder blades



The third exercise is the dumbbell row performed up against the wall.  I instruct Lindsey in this exercise to try to keep her elbows as close as possible to her body and to try and hit the ceiling with her elbows as she pulls back.  Do not move your elbows away from your sides unless you want to work your rear delts.  This is, by far, my favorite back exercise because you can feel it activate every fiber in your middle back.


The fourth exercise is the standing cable pull down.  This exercise works more of the upper back.  Be sure to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible again so that you do not let your rear delts take over the exercise.


Back muscles make you look cool when doing things like this!



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