Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics: The Pre Bedtime Snack

Bodybuilding Nutrition During Ramadan

Clean Bulking for Bodybuilders: How to Run Your Off Season

Video Blog: Steroids Versus Natural Bodybuilding, the No Bullsh*t View

Video Blog: Why Your Beliefs about Your Genetics are Holding You Back

A lot of people believe that their genetics are holding them back. This argument is an excuse. You can beat your own genetics.

Why Your Hamstrings Won’t Grow

Hamstrings are one of the hardest body parts to train for a bunch of reasons. You can’t see them and you sit on them all day long, so the nerves in these muscles are already desensitized. Additionally, the exercises that most people think work the hamstrings, like leg curls, don’t really work the hamstrings all […]

Try this Shoulder Workout

The other day my training partners and I finished up our normal shoulder workout and we needed something to cap everything off.  I remembered something I saw strongman champion Derek Poundstone doing on a youtube video.  It looks like this: Mind you, this is what our workout looked like before trying it: Standing overhead Presses […]

Why Everyone Should Powerlift

As I write this I am 5’8, 185 lbs.  My bodyfat rarely rises over 10% and I am neither big nor bulky.  I have been powerlifting since the age of 12, and while I believe my physique is pleasing, I do not see myself winning any IFBB pro cards or going toe to toe with […]


I’m not the easiest guy for my clients to get along with.  I’m blunt, honest, and sometimes I wear my emotions on my face.  I’ve had several clients leave me because they thought I was bitter and mean.  Nevertheless, if you work with me, I will take you to wherever you need to go.  If […]

Big Boulda Shouldas: Bodybuilding and Functional Training for More Muscle!

I got to put one of my favorite bodybuilders, IFBB Pro Dan Hill, through a shoulder workout yesterday at Metroflex Gym, Long Beach.  We at Metroflex Gym, Long Beach have long been fans of bringing functional and non-traditional movements into bodybuilding workouts, and this workout was no different. We started the workout with a compound […]

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