The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight Is: Lift Heavy Weights.

I get a lot of questions from people looking to lose weight.  A lot of times these people tell me that they are looking to avoid lifting weights so that they can concentrate on burning fat with cardio. Here is the kicker: if you want to lose fat, the most effective way to do so […]

Try this Shoulder Workout

The other day my training partners and I finished up our normal shoulder workout and we needed something to cap everything off.  I remembered something I saw strongman champion Derek Poundstone doing on a youtube video.  It looks like this: Mind you, this is what our workout looked like before trying it: Standing overhead Presses […]

Save Time and Burn Fat: Decrease Your Time Between Sets!!!!

One thing that always fascinates me about people in the gym is the amount of time they spend doing nothing at all.  This is especially true of the guys.  I’ll see some guys do a set, walk around, grab a sip of water, start a conversation, come back to where they were, and 15 minutes […]

Why the Elliptical Machine can Make You Fat

There was a time in my life – a time that I do not like to mention much – where I was a regular user of the elliptical.  I have to say that I used to love this machine.  Its repetitive motion and glide was almost soothing. Nevertheless, I was never able to get lean.  […]

Getting to Shredded Author Chris Albert Gets Published on Elite FTS  

Drinking Coffee For Fat Loss: Moderation and Timing for the Best Results

One of the questions I always get from my clients is “can I drink coffee?” My answer is yes, coffee might even help your fat loss, but only to some extent. Though its record on fat oxidation (fat burning) is questionable, coffee has been shown to increase lipolysis, where fat is separated from the fat […]

Dieting Could Sabotage your Fat Loss: Avoiding Metabolic Shut Down with the Getting to Shredded Program

I’ve said before that I get many clients who’ve had their nutrition plans done through other trainers, and failed badly.  They start with them, lose weight for a couple of weeks, and then progress halts. This happens because most trainers and fitness coaches neglect to include one important step at the very beginning of setting […]

Foundations for Being Shredded: Your First Breakfast of the Day

Healthy Breakfast Foods Breakfast is often spoken of as the most important meal of the day in popular culture. While I do believe this is true, I tend to think of breakfast as less of a meal and more of a series of feeds during the earlier part of your day. In fact, my breakfast […]

Getting to Shredded Training Journal: IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitor Tonia Moore Lower Body Circuit

Tonia Moore Tonia was in a bit of a rush today, so we did this little circuit followed by some prowler pushes.  Circuits like this are a great way to burn fat, and you can learn how to implement them in your fat burning program with my ebook, Getting to Shredded.  

Making Your Fat loss Program Work: Three Small Things you Can Do to Guarantee that You Reach Your Goal

Over the past few weeks, I’ve kept you updated about one of my clients, Nate Welsh, through Facebook and Twitter.  Yesterday, Nate won the novice class at his first bodybuilding competition.  I’ve trained many people, but watching him hold his first place trophy was probably one of the most satisfying experiences of my career as […]

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