On Obesity and Society

I am constantly hearing about how our society is creating and exacerbating the obesity problem.  We hear about “fat Americans” and how evil fast food chains are targeting our children.  We hear about the overabundance of processed foods in our diets, and we are shown statistics stating that our children will be the fattest generation […]

Making Your Fat loss Program Work: Three Small Things you Can Do to Guarantee that You Reach Your Goal

Over the past few weeks, I’ve kept you updated about one of my clients, Nate Welsh, through Facebook and Twitter.  Yesterday, Nate won the novice class at his first bodybuilding competition.  I’ve trained many people, but watching him hold his first place trophy was probably one of the most satisfying experiences of my career as […]

Surviving Fitness: Adopting the Lifestyle without Killing the Rest of Your Life

Over the years, obesity has been associated with a life of excess.  Too many vices, not enough exercise, and too much processed food.  Yet, its one thing for a fitness professional like me, whose life revolves around this stuff, to eat clean and train hard, but its an entirely different thing to get your average […]

4 Non-intuitive Things You Should Know About Getting Lean

One of the most confusing aspects of setting up a nutrition plan for fat loss is to separate useful facts from progress stalling fiction.  This is largely  because popular culture has given rise to countless fad diets that claim to be based on science.  Unfortunately, many of these diets are based on  theories that were […]

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