Save Time and Burn Fat: Decrease Your Time Between Sets!!!!

One thing that always fascinates me about people in the gym is the amount of time they spend doing nothing at all.  This is especially true of the guys.  I’ll see some guys do a set, walk around, grab a sip of water, start a conversation, come back to where they were, and 15 minutes […]

Getting to Shredded Training Journal: Some back exercises to help you get that mind-muscle connection

The back is one of the most challenging body parts to train because you can’t see it.  Consequently, its more important with this body part than any other to really develop a neurological connection with these muscles.  Too many people just throw weights around the gym.  The back requires finesse.  These are some videos from […]

4 Non-intuitive Things You Should Know About Getting Lean

One of the most confusing aspects of setting up a nutrition plan for fat loss is to separate useful facts from progress stalling fiction.  This is largely  because popular culture has given rise to countless fad diets that claim to be based on science.  Unfortunately, many of these diets are based on  theories that were […]

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